Hi There Kids,

 I am George Bush and I would like to invite you to Bush Lodge. I am going to tell you a few of the things you could do if you come to stay. There’s

  •  the beaches                    
  •  Barry’s                                  
  •  swimming pools
  •  walks
  • There are a lot of beaches around Bushmills. One of my favourites is called the White Rocks. It has a huge sand hill to run up and down. It is so much fun (but a bit tiring).

    I also love swimming in the sea. There are massive waves at lots of the beaches, sometimes they are scary but most of the time they are just fun to body board in!!

    Wondering what Barry’s is? Well it’s an amusement park. It has really big rides, which are really cool, I sometimes feel sick on them though but they have smaller rides too!!

    There are also a few swimming pools to visit.

    And we leave the best till last - walks (well I think so)!!! I absolutely love walks. There are loads of walks for you to go on up here. There’s the Giants causeway, Portballintrae and the tram lines. The great thing about the tram lines is if your too tired to walk back from the Causeway you can always take the tram, which is really fun to ride on.

    I love going out for breakfast as well, for a fry, especially in a place called The Copper Kettle. It is delicious!!!!!!!!

    I just love staying in Bush Lodge. I hope you will come to see me and stay here and enjoy it too!!!


    Yours truly,

    George Bush


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